Thank You For All Your Support 

I would like to take this time to personally thank everyone who donated to the Go Fund Me Page.   We were able to reach our objective and purchase all new equipment for our employees to use.  Due to the tremendous support from our community and others outside the community, our employees were not impacted by the selfish act of one individual.  Our employees were able to continue working and we were able to fulfill most of our contracts on time.  Our organization is indebted to the community and are appreciative of everything that it has done for us, both by standing by our side during this event, as well as by continuing to reach out and employ CHASE Inc emloyees.  Once again thank you for all of your time and ongoing support that you have provided us over the past ten years.    

Proudly Serving Individuals with Differing Abilities


CHASE Inc is dedicated to providing services and supports to people with differing abilities, to facilitate their successful inclusion into the community's natural environment, and to recognize and address the uniqueness and diversity of each individual, helping them work and live with dignity and respect as independently as possible.   

CHASE Inc Services

Employment Continuum Program

Want to know more about our employment service program and the supports we provide? Get detailed information here.

Community Contracts

Allow us to tell you about the type of contracts we currently are working on and have completed.  If you are interesed in hiring our professional workers please contact our administrative office.  We're looking forward to hearing from and serving you in the near future!